Our People.

Nice to Meet You.

Allow us to introduce our cast of visionaries, instigators, philosophers, and humble experts that make our agency an unstoppable force.

Left Brain

We’ve employed a team of deeply analytical thinkers who rely on insights and data to help make sure we can deliver the best results to our clients.

Right Brain

We look for people who understand the importance of creativity, both with how it can connect to consumers and lead to effective business solutions.

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Our Leadership.

The Leadership team at Anderson are some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet. Their collective vision, guidance, and commitment ensure our clients and employees are set up for success.

Randy Dale

President and CEO

The boss of Sales, Marketing, Production, and Financials, Randy keeps pushing us all the way to the top of the industry. Now we can’t be stopped.

Fun Facts:
-Randy is a 5th-generation San Diegan
-He’s an expert dream interpreter
-He’s a huge James Bond fan

Adele Atchley

Senior Director of Production Services

There's not a problem Adele can't solve. Our quick-thinking Director of Production Services makes her whole team better with her mentorship and leadership.

Fun Facts:
-Adele was born in England
-She's a nonfiction podcast junkie
-She lived in a haunted house

Alex Walsh

VP of Agency Services

As the head of Agency Services, clients love Alex for her uncanny ability to resource the appropriate individuals and talents for our clients' needs. We love her for her incredible enthusiasm.

Fun Facts:
-Alex is obsessed with fast cars
-She loves action movies
-She tends to fall off stools a lot

Stacy Denney

Senior VP, Strategy & Data Intelligence

Stacy knows how to help her clients win big because she used to be one. Ask about her lead gen, retention, and upsell strategies, and you’ll see what we mean.

Fun Facts:
-Stacy is a two-time book author
-She had a pet boa constrictor
-She was featured on Access Hollywood

Todd Stoker

Chief Operating Officer

Todd strives to ensure all our deliverables exceed client expectations 100 percent of the time. We strive to help him deliver on that promise.

Scott Hopkins

Chief Growth Officer

The king of bankable ROI and a recognized leader in the industry, Scott has overseen hundreds of award-winning programs. When Scott’s on your side, so is success.

Fun Facts:
-Scott is a licensed pilot
-He can hold his breath for 4 minutes
-He’s named after an Apollo astronaut

Eliza Dougall

VP, Client Solutions

As smart as she is caring, Eliza makes sure every client’s engagement, acquisition, and retention strategy is on point. No wonder our clients love her.

Fun Facts:
-Eliza got her first tattoo at 53
-She reads 10 books a month
-She belongs to five wine clubs

Mike Campbell

Senior VP, Client Strategy & Growth

It’s only right that our chief strategist has his own unique formula for success. Put Mike on a project and watch it equate to double-digit growth.

Fun Facts:
-Mike was a ticket stub collector
-He worked as a Costco sample person
-He had thick curly hair for 25 years

Brandon Stuart

Executive Creative Director

As our creative leader, Brandon makes sure we find thoughtful connections between our creative, insight, and strategy. He doesn’t just look for big ideas ⁠— he strives for smart ones.

Fun Facts:
-Brandon started a 501(c)3 charity in 2010
-He writes children’s books and produced a short documentary
-He’s toured as a guitarist with two punk rock bands

Leah Smith

VP, Client Solutions

Known for her positive outlook, Leah inspires clients to always be learning and growing. A mom and yoga enthusiast, she might be practicing her headstand at this very moment.

Fun Facts:
-Leah’s obsessed with art
-She prefers dessert to dinner
-She helped rebuild houses in Thailand

Lauren Gilde

Marketing Manager

Whether it’s overseeing our own branding, driving new business, or keeping our current clients happy, Lauren always finds a way to make us shine our brightest.

Fun Facts:
-Lauren’s hiked across a lava field
-She was on an improv comedy team
-She has a huge garden at home

Jason Hien

Director of Data Intelligence

Adept at everything from client service to strategy and execution, Jason makes sure each campaign unfolds exactly according to plan. All with a smile on his face.

Fun Facts:
-Jason's a world traveler
-He loves being in the great outdoors
-He was raised in Rhode Island

Nordin Benhalima

Director of Digital Marketing

Digital strategy, ROI, innovation. Watch out — once this go-getter has an endgame in mind, there’s no stopping him from making it happen for our clients.

Fun Facts:
-Nordin is half Moroccan and half Norwegian
-He’s at peace on a kayak under a canopy of mangroves
-He dreams of living in La Buona Vita in Italy

Elizabeth Adcock

Director of Client Strategy

Once a client herself, Elizabeth now helps lead and develop effective marketing strategies for the brands we work with. Her passionate expertise and unique perspective as a former client always drive her to do what’s best for those we work with.

Fun Facts:
-Michael Bublé once told her to call him Mike
-She attended Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday parade at Buckingham Palace
-Elizabeth’s go-to karaoke song is “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

Kelsey Dale-Neu

Accounting Manager

The ultimate problem solver, Kelsey puts all the puzzle pieces together with our accounting. There’s no project too complex for this accounting genius.

Fun Facts:
-Kelsey’s been chased by a bison
-She’s hiked the Swiss Alps
-She loves listening to podcasts

Janis Legzdins

Director of IT

We’re still trying to figure out if there’s anything Janis doesn’t know. Seriously — no problem is ever too big for this Merchant Marine officer turned IT guru to solve.

Fun Facts:
-Janis collects maritime antiques (some over a century old!)
-He’s visited almost 50 different countries
-He’s SCUBA-dived or swam in every ocean except the Antarctic

Jean Delago

Director of Human Resources

Jean is committed to taking care of our greatest asset: our employees. This seasoned Director of HR always finds ways to make our work environment better.

Fun Facts:
-Jean planned her own yacht wedding (in under two weeks!)
-Though born in winter, she’d much rather surf than snowboard
- She has a law degree and an MBA with an emphasis in HR

Jeff Schulman

Manager of Imaging Services

As the Manager of Imaging Services, Jeff confidently leads our department with his unwavering commitment to excellence, guaranteeing our clients high-quality service.

Fun Facts:
-Jeff is an avid mountain biker
-He has a signed picture of The Hoff
-His closet is immaculately organized

Featured Staffers.

The lifeblood of this agency. Without their expertise, dedication, hard work, and spirit, we’d never experience the kind of success we have today.

Christi Watson

Senior Account Director

“On strategy. On budget. On time.” That’s the mantra of this amazing Senior Account Director. Christi’s portfolio is filled with wins in almost every area of marketing.

Fun Facts:
-Christi believes happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail
-She’s a tennis superfan
-The ocean or a lake is her happy place

Gary Hancock

Print Production Specialist

Pour some coffee. Start the presses. Then sit back and relax. Gary is here to handle all the moving parts and make sure every printing project arrives on time.

Fun Facts:
-Gary despises traffic (who doesn’t)
-He loves a good steak
-His favorite movie is Caddy Shack

Danielle Bourque

Production - Senior Project Manager

Analytical yet creative, organized yet wild. Danielle is a walking contradiction who uses her unique combination of talents to facilitate successful campaigns.

Fun Facts:
-Danielle loves road trips
-She’s been in countless mosh pits
-She was almost an Olympic gymnast

Chelsea Valencia

Senior Account Director

From start to finish, strategy to production, Chelsea will be sitting in the driver’s seat, making sure your campaign is nothing short of show-stopping.

Fun Facts:
-Chelsea doesn’t like chocolate
-She’s from Connecticut
-Italy is her preferred destination

James Slade

Senior Account Director

True magicians never share their secrets, but perhaps good marketers do. Join forces with James, and he’ll gladly share with you the marketing secrets he’s learned over his nearly two-decade-long career.

Fun Facts:
-James has played guitar for 25 years
-A DIYer, he transformed his garage into a full-on gym
-He considers the movie Tombstone a religious experience

Beth Harrell

Senior Account Supervisor

A thick-skinned empath, Beth lifts people up while never getting knocked down herself. Having trouble on a campaign? It won’t be long until Beth swoops in to save the day with a solution.

Fun Facts:
-Beth spent a summer studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris
-She starts each morning with a joke
-Thanks to her green thumb, she always has fresh flowers on hand

Steve Sallis

Print Production Specialist

Steve makes sure our print department is always running smoothly. He sees to it that everything we print is consistent, highly effective, and visually stunning

Fun Facts:
-Steve is an avid cyclist
-He’s a Navy veteran
-He loves reading, nature, and cooking

Allison Whitmer

Account Director

Hailing from the Lone Star state, Allison is a star in her own right. Especially when it comes to multi-tasking and handling complex digital marketing projects.

Fun Facts:
-Allison doesn’t like coffee or pizza
-She got married in cowboy boots
-She was born in Germany

Lynnea Burroughs

Senior Account Supervisor

Straight from South Carolina, Lynnea’s a Southern Belle at heart. You’ll love her eye for detail, knack for problem solving, and, of course, her southern hospitality.

Fun Facts:
-Lynnea is a proud pescatarian
-She has season tickets to Disneyland
-She’s been to 17 baseball stadiums

Mike Mills

Production - Senior Project Manager

He’s seen it all and done it all. Mike’s worked his way up the ranks, picking up invaluable experience along the way. Now there’s not a project he can’t handle.

Fun Facts:
-Mike’s broken 15 different bones
-He attends Comic-Con every year
-His dad was a printer for NASA

Vanessa Zacarias

Senior Account Executive

When Vanessa’s leading a project, you already know the outcome. Her work ethic, reliability, and management skills consistently lead to win after impressive win.

Fun Facts:
-Vanessa is a rare San Diego native
-She’s always up for an adventure
-She loves to kickbox

Vianae Jarrell

Production - Senior Project Manager

The sense of accomplishment and the smile on a client’s face are what drive Vianae to produce the best work possible. Work with her, and you’ll be grinning too.

Fun Facts:
-Vianae is a rockstar drummer
-She’s slightly addicted to coffee
-She played lacrosse in high school

Alicia Paleno

Direct Response Copywriter

From proofreading to copywriting, Alicia’s relationship with words runs deep. You can almost see her passion jump off the page with every sentence she writes.

Fun Facts:
-Alicia eats gingerbread cookies year-round
-Her favorite word is dandy
-She makes an amazing cheesecake

Andrew Speakman

Creative Director

Some learn to be creative; others are just born with it. Andrew is the latter. From digital to direct mail, Andrew’s talent will wow you with every amazing design.

Fun Facts:
-Andrew runs 20 miles a week
-He traveled to Europe to play soccer
-He’s crashed multiple motorbikes

Daniel Rakers

Digital Operations Manager

This digital guru is obsessed with helping clients create compelling stories and digital marketing initiatives. Given all his success, he’s doing a pretty good job.

Fun Facts:
-Daniel’s been on TV over 10 times
-He’s a classically trained pianist
-He designed his own tattoos

John Michael Cox

Senior Director, Creative Operations

Behind every great creative team, there’s an operations director keeping them in line. JM makes sure every project is done and every client need is taken care of.

Fun Facts:
-JM drinks a cup of coffee before bed
-He grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas
-He’s always at LA comedy clubs

John Gamiao

Production - Senior Project Manager

Cool, calm, and collected, John never folds under pressure. No matter how challenging things get, every project John manages is as buttoned-up as he is.

Fun Facts:
-John has lived in England and Italy
-He’ll always say yes to happy hour
-He loves traveling on his own

Katy Wilson

Senior Account Supervisor

Katy’s goal is to make her clients’ and coworkers’ jobs easier. She’s always one step ahead of every task which makes us 10 steps ahead of our competitors.

Fun Facts:
-Katy competed in Division 1 Rowing
-She loves boating and off-roading
-She’s a cookie connoisseur

Ryan McDermott

Account Executive

Ryan’s marketing know-how runs deep. This savvy Account Exec uses his expertise in digital and DM to help our clients improve their strategy and get results.

Fun Facts:
-Ryan grew up in New Hampshire
-He’s been to 34 states
-Darius Rucker follows him on Twitter

Shane Duggins


This creative perfectionist isn’t willing to settle with a job being half-done. With an amazing proofreader like Shane, our clients will never have to settle either.

Fun Facts:
-Shane’s currently writing a novel
-He used to work for a movie studio
-He spends hours studying history

Natasha Oraha

Senior Client Strategist

The queen of research, Natasha keeps us and our clients up-to-date on the latest and greatest. She always has her finger on the pulse and her eye on the target.

Fun Facts:
-Natasha loves running 5Ks
-She’s been a vegetarian since birth
-A cup of tea is her cup of tea

Adriana Gonzalez

Production - Senior Project Coordinator

From temp, to receptionist, to account services, Adriana is truly a rising star. With her collaboration and multi-tasking skills, she’s going to keep on shining.

Fun Facts:
-Adriana is a Disney fanatic
-Her favorite meal is french fries
-She’s terrified of flying

Edel Dayshawn Somerby

Production - Project Manager

Starting as a temp and working his way up, Edel coordinates projects with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Working with Edel will lift your mood and your IQ.

Fun Facts:
-Edel was born in Cuba
-He loves track and field sports
-He plans on visiting every continent

Tony Vercelli

Creative Director, Motion and Sound

Tony was born with a camera in his hand. Watch this guy create, lead, and direct our video and digital content, and you’ll know why it looks so unbelievably good.

Fun Facts:
-Tony competed in wakeboarding
-His dream is to see Earth from space
-Give Tony pasta and he’s a happy man

Robert Johnson

Creative Quality Assurance Manager

Robert loves a good composition — whether it's a fine orchestral piece or a well-written DM mailer. Smart, hard-working, and client-focused, Robert is always in tune.

Fun Facts:
-Robert can survive off Mexican food
-He consumes way too much coffee
-He’s performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Linda Harloff

Senior Account Supervisor

A self-admitted perfectionist, Linda has high expectations for herself and her team. From account management to strategy to team training, she raises the bar.

Fun Facts:
-Linda has an identical twin sister
-She worked on a Nirvana music video
-She’s obsessed with plants and books

Erin Shintaku

Account Supervisor

What’s Erin’s secret weapon? Her ears. This Account Supervisor knows the best way to understand customers is to simply listen. No wonder clients love talking to her.

Fun Facts:
-Erin grew up in Hawaii
-She competed in high school rodeo
-She cooks steak to perfection

Heidi Spurgin

Creative Director

Ever meet someone so dedicated to their craft they can get lost in it for hours? The only thing that matches Heidi’s insane creativity is her commitment to her work.

Fun Facts:
-Heidi owns a horse named Vesper
-She once walked across hot coals
-She’s addicted to her Fitbit

Lisa Starrett

HR Generalist

From making new hires feel welcome to taking care of any of our employees’ needs, Lisa is passionate about setting people up for success at Anderson.

Fun Facts:
-Lisa’s been to the great Pyramids
-She’s a Costco connoisseur
-She used to show Dalmatians

Bret Kelley

Senior Account Executive

From client to employee, Bret has been part of our family for years. Always on top of timelines and great with analytics, Bret helps us stay in sync and on point.

Fun Facts:
-Bret’s played brass since 4th grade
-He was part of a 20-piece big band orchestra
-He loves Young Frankenstein

Jennifer Buckley

Production Senior Project Manager

Good project managers don’t fold under pressure. Great ones thrive under it. Jennifer’s cool demeaner helps make sure every project is done on time and on point.

Fun Facts:
-Jennifer hates wearing shoes
-She’s a diehard Dodgers fan
-She worked three jobs in college

Courtney Norton

Data Intelligence Senior Project Manager

Courtney’s excitement for her work shines through her outgoing personality. Whether you’re her client or colleague, you’ll love working with her.

Fun Facts:
-Courtney’s a huge country music fan
-She’s a world traveler
-She played soccer in Europe

Shannon Lopez

Account Supervisor

Shannon is our resident eagle eye. She’s constantly reviewing data to see where our campaigns can make improvements. As a result, we’re constantly improving.

Fun Facts:
-Shannon’s nickname is Shannon the Cannon
-She got a D1 swimming scholarship
-She’s an avid baker

Maggie Korzen

Account Supervisor

Need a new email campaign by next week? Maggie will make it happen. This amazing Account Supervisor seems to adapt to any situation or project thrown her way.

Fun Facts:
-Maggie has a serious green thumb
-She can say the alphabet backward
-She’s a true crime podcast junkie

Aveen Khattat

Account Executive

A highly accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience, Aveen is always looking for her next big win. Her next stop? Getting you the campaign results of a lifetime.

Fun Facts:
-Aveen invented a math formula at age 17
-She dislikes sweets and prefers bitter flavors
-She’s worked with Maroon 5 on two music videos

Katrina Rotundo

Data Analyst & Quality Assurance

Katrina appreciates a good nature photograph — and knows how to capture one too. Perhaps that’s why she’s such a master at producing work worth a thousand words.

Fun Facts:
-Katrina is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan
-She’s a true outdoorswoman
-If she’s ordering Italian, chances are it’s Manicotti

Eric McKee

Data Intelligence Engineer

What’s one of the first things about Eric that stood out to us? His truly analytical mind. It’s what sets him apart from the crowd — and what helps him set apart our clients’ work too.

Fun Facts:
-Eric has refereed over 2,000 hockey games
-He lived in Montana for a year
-He’s a huge Miami Dolphins fan

Megan Homis

Senior Account Executive

Have a complicated project? Megan has a game plan. A creative strategist at her core, Megan knows exactly which pieces to move to make our clients’ ROI go through the roof.

Fun Facts:
-Megan is a black belt in Taekwondo
-She enjoys camping with family
-She spent two weeks exploring China

Joel Guadamuz

Account Executive

It’s simply impossible not to like Joel. Work with him for even a minute, and you’ll see just why this personable Account Exec has built some of the strongest client relationships.

Fun Facts:
-Joel’s nickname is Moose
-He’s competed in over 40 Spartan Races across the US
-His son Kai is the spitting image of him

Dungdow Sitto

Senior Account Executive

Who better to get your marketing message across than the queen of communication herself? Leave it to DD to come up with the communication strategy of your dreams.

Fun Facts:
-DD loves Halloween (and candy corn!)
-She has an impressively high spice tolerance
-She’s visited Chichén Itzá not once but twice

Sara West

Senior Account Supervisor

If you think your marketing campaign has reached its full potential, then you haven’t met Sara. Watch as this data-driven innovator takes your project to levels you never thought possible.

Fun Facts:
-Sara’s never broken a bone
-Doughnuts are her weakness
-The Lion King is her favorite movie

Elly Halladay

Account Executive

For Elly, it’s all in the details. Give this incredibly organized and observant Account Executive a project, and she’ll make sure to deliver exactly what you wanted and more.

Fun Facts:
-Elly was a competitive figure skater for over a decade
-She starts each morning with a crossword puzzle and Cool Mint Clif Bar
- Board games bring out her competitive side

Teresa Nunez

Account Supervisor

This small-town marketing whiz brings big-time results everywhere she goes. If you end up working with her — spoiler alert — you’ll get big-time results too.

Fun Facts:
-Teresa grew up in a town of 3,000 people
-She’s a huge Chargers fan
- “Live the life you love; love the life you live” is her favorite quote

Robert Lang

Production - Senior Project Manager

Marketing moves fast, but Robert moves faster. Prepare to watch in awe as this quick-thinking Senior Project Manager juggles multiple projects at once while giving each one his undivided attention.

Fun Facts:
-Robert is an ‘80s horror movie buff
-For fun, he builds scale model WWII tanks
-He owns an impressive sneaker collection

Kiana Matthews

Account Executive

Thinking about working with us? Kiana can’t wait to meet you. This deadline-oriented social butterfly knows exactly what it takes to get the job done — both on time and with a few new friends along the way.

Fun Facts:
-Kiana dreams of traveling to Maldives
-She’s absolutely terrified of bugs
-In high school, she earned the senior superlative “Best Sense of Humor”

Gabriel Hood

Production - Senior Project Manager

Practice makes perfect, and with over 30 years of industry experience, Gabriel has quite frankly surpassed the definition of perfect.

Fun Facts:
-Gabriel’s first time on a plane, he parachuted out of it
-He starts every day with a cup of coffee (or two)
-Skipping lunch makes him hangry

Alicia Rabadon

Account Executive

If marketing were a globe, Alicia’s traveled all around it. This well-rounded Account Exec started her voyage in business development, then quickly progressed to eCommerce. We’re beyond thrilled her journey has landed her here.

Fun Facts:
-Alicia has visited five continents and 29 countries
-She once sailed through a violent storm
-She’d gladly travel back in time to the 1920s in Paris

Alizé Mack

Marketing Coordinator

A creative mind with an analytical eye, Alizé is never short on smart ideas to keep our brand on point and looking better than ever.

Fun Facts:
-Alizé studied abroad in Japan
-She wants to learn seven languages
-She has a rabbit named Momo

Janine Cooper

Senior Director, Copywriter

What’s that word again for when you’re destined to do something? We’ll have to consult Janine, our seasoned wordsmith who’s been hooking audiences with her copy since the first grade.

Fun Facts:
-Janine swears the dog beach is the happiest place on Earth
-She’s officiated two friends’ weddings
-She’s working on several novels we can’t wait to read

Nick Rotundo

Head of Data Intelligence Engineering

To innovative engineers like Nick, a list of data is more than just a bunch of facts and numbers — it tells a story. The sheer amount of information Nick can glean from even a limited set of data continues to amaze us.

Fun Facts:
-Nick’s an avid homebrewer
-He was born and raised in Honesdale, PA
-He’s a huge Oakland A’s fan

Natasha Woode

Senior Account Executive

Equally analytical and creative, Natasha flourishes on both sides of marketing. Her ultra-efficient work style helps us treat every campaign with care and speed.

Fun Facts:
-Natasha was raised in Austin, TX
-She only drinks water
-She loves exploring San Diego

Sydney Davison

Production - Project Manager

When Sydney is managing your project, you know you’re in good hands. Her ability to stay on task while quickly adapting to changes makes it impossible to fail.

Fun Facts:
-Sydney climbed Mount Whitney
-She thinks Friday the 13th is lucky
-She’s born and raised in San Diego

Anthony Byrnes

Production - Senior Project Coordinator

Anthony’s honed attention to detail and dynamic energy keeps us in line and on track. From start to finish, Anthony makes sure every project is a success.

Fun Facts:
-Anthony refrigerates his Cheetos
-He’s currently writing a musical
-He’s a Dungeons & Dragons master

Caitlyn Johnson

Data Intelligence Engineer III

Some look at data and see numbers, but this Data Intelligence Engineer sees a picture come to life. Caitlyn’s innovativeness turns every campaign into a masterpiece.

Fun Facts:
-Caitlyn’s driven cross-country 3 times
-She was a professional cat sitter
-She’s lived on both coasts

Hayete Williams

Senior Account Executive

Not everyone can turn an abstract concept into a personalized message that consumers can access. Then again, not everyone is Hayete.

Fun Facts:
-Hayete was born and raised in France
-She danced ballet and played rugby
-She’s from a family of musicians

Lucia Miller


A professional polisher, Lucia can turn any piece of copy into a work of art. Her deep understanding of language helps her consistently get the best message across.

Fun Facts:
-Lucia is a published author
-She can play the piano by ear
-She eats a banana every morning

Kari Strate

Account Executive

Paired with Kari’s endless creativity, her mad project management skills take our clients’ projects to levels they never dreamed possible.

Fun Facts:
-Kari has appeared on QVC
-She’s a master knitter and crocheter
-She was once neighbors with Olivia Wilde

Bobby Francis

Sr. Account Executive, Data Specialist

A seasoned data specialist with over twenty years of experience in direct-mail marketing, Bobby knows exactly how to transform simple ideas into full-fledged marketing campaigns that get results.

Fun Facts:
-Bobby was born in Brooklyn, NY
-He enjoys Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa dancing
-He’d love to travel back in time to ancient Jerusalem

Brittany Taylor

Senior Account Executive

Follow Brittany’s lead, and you’re bound to find success. A true thought leader, Brittany has become a trusted advisor among clients and colleagues alike.

Fun Facts:
-Brittany is an expert snow skier
-She played collegiate soccer
-She’s a two-time Florida High School State Champion

We think our people are the best in the biz and we’re pretty sure you will too. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about any of our amazing team members.

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