Our People.

Nice to Meet You.

Allow us to introduce our cast of visionaries, instigators, philosophers, and humble experts that make our agency an unstoppable force.

Left Brain

We’ve employed a team of deeply analytical thinkers who rely on insights and data to help make sure we can deliver the best results to our clients.

Right Brain

We look for people who understand the importance of creativity, both with how it can connect to consumers and lead to effective business solutions.

Our Leadership.

The Leadership team at Anderson are some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet. Their collective vision, guidance, and commitment ensure our clients and employees are set up for success.

Ted Tietge

Chief Executive Officer

A surfing CEO with a quarter-century of marketing prowess, a passion for serving people plus a relentless drive to exceed expectations. Ted ticks all the boxes.
Leah Smith

VP, Strategy & Digital

Give this woman a whiteboard and she’ll work wonders on your customers’ journey from consideration to engagement and conversion. Wait for the fireworks.
Randy Dale


Someone has to be the boss of Sales, Marketing, Production, and Financials. Who better than this industry veteran with serious business skills and major moxie?
Scott Hopkins

Executive Vice President

Meet the king of bankable ROI, the man behind hundreds of award-winning programs for some of the world’s top brands, and one of the nicest guys in the business.
Eliza Dougall

VP, Strategy and Client Relations

Looking for a can’t-miss engagement, acquisition, or retention strategy? Go Code Red and watch this marketing pro bring you results like a boss.
Adele Atchley

Director of Production Services

When it comes time to execute, what’s the fastest, most effective way to get from an anxious point A to a blissful point B? Adele Atchley and her team.
Jerry Joyce

SVP, Strategy & Client Relations

Bringing big data expertise plus big-time marketing chops, Jerry has an uncanny X-ray vision for seeing untapped business potential others can’t. Just watch him.
Todd Stoker

Vice President of Operations

Direct mail. Email blasts. Web launches. This unapologetic perfectionist makes a big production out of everything. And that’s a good thing.
Mike Campbell

VP, Client Strategy

Think big. Give Mike a spreadsheet and watch him transform it into actionable intelligence, then a chart-busting DM campaign. This guy is for real.
Brandon Stuart

Executive Creative Director

So many marketing programs are just a big idea away from greatness. Put Brandon on your brand and watch this guy shatter the limits of what creative can do.
Alex Walsh

Director of Account Management

Alex loves action films, sports cars, and also helps our account teams thrive amid the fast-and-furious tempo of our business. We love her. So will you.
Stacy Denney

SVP, Strategy & Data Intelligence

Want to carve fresh marketing powder? Ask this ace snowboarder about her groundbreaking lead gen, acquisition, retention, and upsell strategies.

Featured Staffers.

The lifeblood of this agency. Without their expertise, dedication, hard work, and spirit, we’d never experience the kind of success we have today.

Russ Machus

Director of Client Strategy

Rock stars know how to charge up a crowd. This one still strikes power chords and can bring fans flocking to your casino. His experience is a sure bet.
Deb Morel

Manager of Customer Intelligence

Seize the data! Turn this veteran info-master loose with analytical tools and you’ll get insights into your audience you never imagined before.
Lila Swedarsky

Senior Account Director

How did some of America’s best-known brands get to where they are? With help from this multi-talented DM veteran who brings great ideas plus energy a-go-go.
Chelsea Valencia

Account Director

There’s a superhighway to take you through strategy to creative, list sourcing, production, and response analysis. Chelsea is the driver. And you’ll love the trip.
Melissa Martinez

Account Director

Don’t let the disarming smile fool you. This woman is possessed with mad marketing skills, has a winning track record, and knows how to head up an A-team.
Jason Hien

Senior Account Director

Nice guys finish first. So do the clients managed by this very nice guy and his team. Make his amazing insights and winning track record your secret weapon.
Christi Watson

Senior Account Director

Healthcare. Tech. Energy. Financial. Christi’s portfolio of wins is so thick it’s ready to burst. Have her unpack her insights and put you on the road to greater ROI.
Jennifer Buckley

Production - Senior Project Manager

Survivor of many raucous 70s thrash metal concerts, imperturbable by nature, and buoyed by 15 years of industry experience, Jen makes every project glide.
Danielle Bourque

Production - Senior Project Manager

She’s a crazy multitasker, creative thinker, and a fashionable boot-wearer skilled at kicking projects in the butt. Wait till you see her in action.
Devi Kirn

Production - Senior Project Manager

Her real job title should be Transcendental Zen Project Whisperer. Watch how this marketing veteran tackles even the most complex productions and you’ll see why.
Mike Mills

Production - Senior Project Manager

Veteran project manager. Relentless mega-tasker. Lifelong learner. World’s best lasagna maker. How could you NOT want this guy on your project?
Jessica Pitcock

Production - Senior Project Manager

Musician, comedian, artisan, mathematician. Oh, yes, and one of the most experienced project managers in the business. That’s Jessica.

We think our people are the best in the biz and we’re pretty sure you will too. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about any of our amazing team members.

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