Anderson’s digital pros turn data into insights to help you find and understand what makes your audience tick (and click)—so we can transform every engagement into a profitable relationship.

Digital marketing is dynamic and constantly evolving. Yet it offers as many ways to create an amazing journey for your audience—a very rewarding one for you, too. See how we’ve helped brands increase clicks, visitors, engagements and conversion rates by giant leaps.

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powerful insights that will make your digital marketing great.

Consumers experience thousands of digital impressions each day. If you want them to stop, focus, and embrace your brand, you’ll need to move beyond the ordinary, bringing them one unforgettable experience after another.

  1. Insight: Video on landing pages can up conversion rates by 80%.  Create relevant, evergreen content to boost results not just here, but across all your digital marketing.
  2. Insight: Quality beats quantity when it comes to content.  Great SEO means focusing less on links-per-week and more on building success naturally over time.
  3. Insight: Website headlines are read 5X more than the body copy. Win followers by packing yours with real benefits.
  4. Insight: Facebook is strictly pay-to-play, which may make your content invisible, even if people have Liked your page. Sponsored, scroll-stopping ads are musts for driving engagement.
  5. Insight: Optimizing emails for mobile is more than 3X as likely to generate ROI.
  6. Insight: 38% of healthcare producers use online portals daily, but find most of them clunky, unreliable and slow. Make yours easy to navigate and user-focused to win and keep this audience.

Look! We can grow your digital marketing by double digits—and more.

For Anthem: Our modular, scalable wellness portal has won 10K+ unique visits to date, plus 30% return visits per year.

For Crystal: Through microsite multivariate testing and paid search optimization, we increased conversions by over 40%, and cut cost-per-lead from $400 to $40.

For Gexa Energy: We increased their engagement rate 2,000%—and enrollments 200%—through compelling, scroll-stopping social media ads.

For The Hartford: Anderson’s content and contact strategy drove a 32% email open rate—29% above average.