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  • For Anthem: We generated 163,000 leads (15% above objective) while reducing cost-per-lead by 26.4%.
  • For BCBSAZ: Anderson reduced both cost-per-lead and cost-per-member by more than 60%.
  • For CDPHP: We quadrupled response rate for their Small Group Plan.
  • For Regence: We shattered overall cost-per-member goals by 56% for Pre-AEP and 57% for AEP.
  • For SeeChange Health: Our insightful approach surpassed initial goals by more than 50%.

Healthcare insurance may be the most important, least understood, and thorniest consumer issue in the United States. Turn to Anderson for key insights, clarity, and breakthrough strategies.

Since 1985, we’ve helped some of the most respected companies in the country prosper amid this ferociously competitive and often confusing market.


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5 business-building insights to help you grow your plan right now.


We’ve learned many important things while helping our healthcare insurance clients achieve and often surpass their goals. Here are five insights you can use to reach yours.

  1. Insight: Many consumers obviously seem confused by the Affordable Care Act. But here’s something less obvious: Due to economic volatility, eroding assets, and longer life spans, many Medicare buyers feel more anxious, uncertain, and afraid than ever. They hunger for simplicity, clarity, and certainty in choosing their Medicare plans. Often they’re not getting it. Build your brand by relieving this anxiety.

  2. Insight: 84% of Millennials will take a friend or family member’s advice over a professional’s. Testimonials, tell-a-friend programs, networking events, and similar ideas can help you gain credibility and break through to this increasingly important group.

  3. Insight: People are more concerned about overcoming sickness and getting their lives back to normal than vague promises of “we care” or a warm bedside manner. To win their trust—and their business—give them substance, not clichés.

  4. Insight: 86% of Hispanic Millennials still reside with their parents—not surprising given the importance of family life as a core value. Take the time to better understand the living situations of this hugely important segment. Your marketing communications will be more effective.

  5. Insight: Brokers account for 80% of Medicare sales. We’ve learned that the more frequently we provide them with useful information, the more they sell. By doing so, we’ve helped broker-driven sales increase for the past five years.