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  • For Anthem National Accounts: Generated an exceptional response rate of 19% and lead rate of 46%.
  • For CalChamber: Achieved a full year’s worth of revenue goals in just the first six months.
  • For Mentoring Minds: Our website redesign increased online leads from an average of 80 to 468 per month.
  • For Xerox: Improved testing and targeting grew response rates by 100%—and sales by 12.5%.

Anderson has increased leads, sales, and ROI while reducing costs for clients from A to Z—in categories like healthcare insurance, financial services, technology, education, professional services and many others.


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4 insights for improving the effectiveness of your B2B marketing plan. Why not start today?


B2B decision-makers are people, first and foremost. By better understanding who they are and how they think, you’ll command more attention and drive more response.

  1. Insight: B2B clients are younger than you may think. 46% are Millennials. They expect more from technology at work and through their vendors, and you need to approach them differently.

  2. Insight: Data must drive design. If you want to increase response from a younger demographic, for example, use different triggers (e.g., hipper language and audience-specific photography) than you would for older age groups.

  3. Insight: Communicate with your B2B audience as consumers, not machines. Be visual and colorful, and use active, punchy text. Don’t bore them with endless laundry lists and lifeless layouts.

  4. Insight: Add perceived value, utility, and “shelf life” to mail pieces by featuring valuable information and specific how-to’s that recipients will want to keep for future reference.